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  • Pink Spot Vapors: Rip Tide

    03 January 2017

    Continuing on with my random juice acquisitions, up next is Pink Spot Vapor’s Rip Tide. I was out a couple days ago doing some Halloween shopping, and noticed a new vape stand had popped up, called 3lixir (http://www.3lixir.com/). They had a nice assortment...

  • Vapor Bomb: Jungle Juice

    04 January 2017

    Juice: Jungle Juice Vendor/Maker: Vapor Bomb – http://vaporbomb.com/ Info: 30/70 PG/VG – 18mg nic Pricing: $3.95 for 5mL (.79/mL) I recently received an order from Vapor Bomb, and was happy to find a new and unique flavor. I’d have to say that I’m equally...

  • Vapor Bomb: Hypnotic Mist

    05 January 2017

    Juice: Hypnotic Mist Vendor/Maker: Vapor Bomb – http://vaporbomb.com/ Info: 30/70 PG/VG – 18mg nic Pricing: $5.95 for 10mL (.59/mL) Lately it seems like I’ve been coming across an assortment of vaping gems through absolute randomness. I had never even...

  • Sirius Vapors: Blueberry Coffee Cake

    06 January 2017

    Juice: Blueberry Coffee Cake Vendor/Maker: Sirius Vapors – http://www.siriusvapors.com/ Info: ??/?? PG/VG – 18mg nic Pricing: Varies for 15mL After a bit of a hiatus, and a couple more displeasing juices, I’ve decided to give bottle number two out of...

  • Vaperite: Dragon Slayer

    07 January 2017

    Juice: Dragon Slayer Vendor/Maker: Vaperite – http://www.vaperite.com Info: 50/50 PG/VG – 18mg nic Pricing: $9.99 for 15mL Good evening vapers. This will be more of just an honorable mention type of quick review. On a recent trip to my local Vaperite...

  • Vaper Venue: Monkey Cream

    08 January 2017

    Juice: Monkey Cream Vendor/Maker: Vaper Venue – http://www.vapervenue.com/ Info: 30/70 PG/VG – 18mg nic Pricing: $12 for 15mL (.80/mL) Today I have another juice from Vaper Venue to round out my recent order, and a very tasty one at that. Monkey Cream...

  • Sirius Vapors – Arnold Palmer

    09 January 2017

    Juice: Dark Lizard Vendor/Maker: Lizard Juice via vapecrunch : https://vapecrunch.com Info: ??/?? PG/VG – 12mg nic Pricing: $12 for 15mL (.80/mL) A few months back, I had made a post on a couple juices from Lizard Juice, and have another variation of...